Morgan Peterson was born in 1984 and raised in New York City. As a child she had a natural talent for drawing. It wasn't until Morgan obtained her Bachelors degree in Business and a minor in Studio Art from Fordham University in 2005 that she was able to hone her talent and get training using different mediums like clay in her sculpting and ceramic wheel class. In 2006, Morgan completed a ten-week jewelry making course, and studied: glassblowing, stained glass, bead making, and fine jewelry fabrication at Urban Glass in Brooklyn, NY.

As an up and coming emerging artist her work can be characterized as impressionistic and sometimes abstract. Her inspiration comes from the planes and forms of what she perceives as powerful feminine figures such as, Misty Copeland and Nykor Paul. She is fascinated by the shapes and shadows of physical forms and seeks to capture that rich texture in her work. Her subjects are varied and the body of her work consists of figure studies of planes and forms. Morgan strives to express the contoured lines, planes and forms using a palette of similar colors that engages her imagination . Her work is vibrant, dramatic, colorful and powerful, evoking a visceral reaction from her viewers.

As a painter Morgan uses various mediums such as acrylic and India ink.

In 2017 Morgan participated in a group exhibit at the Center of Faith &  the Arts (CFA) organization in Salisbury, North Carolina. The exhibit is called Taboos in Society: Black Lives Matter. CFA's official mission is to explore and enhance the close relationship between the arts and one's spiritual life by heightening the spiritual experience with the power and meaning of art. Their goal is to offer opportunities for individuals to have spiritual experiences through artistic expressions... in a variety of forms and without attempting to define anyone's "spiritual experience" . Morgan's work will be available for viewing at the CFA's gallery as part of a permanent exhibit.

In 2015 Morgan exhibited her work at The Life and times in Black American History (L.A.T.I.B.A.H) Collard Green Museum and participated in the Mosaic Village Art Festival. During the summer and fall of 2016 she participated in Passion to Profit's small business Pop-Up Shops.

Morgan's philosophy is, " Whatever you choose to do, do it to the best of your ability. Be authentic and allow yourself to shine by being disciplined and devoting the time necessary to hone your skill."